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TNC's Media Monitoring and Reporting Tool

TNC has limited seats in Meltwater. If you have not been contacted about using Meltwater and would like to request a seat, please reach out via the Marketing Requests Portal

Meltwater is a tool that we use to track topics and TNC mentions across print, online, social and broadcast media output.  Tracking media coverage can help us to measure the success of our campaigns, deal with crises, and keep tabs on our publicity and how we are portrayed in media. 

In Meltwater, TNC staff with access can view media hits by specific keywords and narrow that coverage by time, location, language, and more. Meltwater also provides us access to contact information for key media contacts, and ingests social media mentions, primarily from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

What can TNC do in Meltwater?

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    Monitor earned media hits

    Factiva Premium Content; Global Print Media; Chinese Data Standard; Broadcast Global; Podcast Monitoring; Meltwater API; Up to 2,500,000 earned media documents per month; Access to 12 months of historical data.

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    Create reports and dashboards

    Unlimited Searches & Dashboards; Automating Reporting

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    Analyze earned media data

    Analyze data by grouping hits in terms of priority tier vs not, by geography, by topic, etc.

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    Social Listening

    Access to a comprehensive list of social media data sources.

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    Access and Manage Media Contacts

    Look up journalist contacts and manage contact lists.

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Login to Meltwater

If you have a seat in Meltwater, you can use this link to login: Meltwater Media Relations Login. Meltwater seats are limited and the platform is not yet behind TNC single-sign-on ID. 


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Training for New User

Are you a new Meltwater user or does a member of your staff need onboarding? We recommend you reach out to our Meltwater reps and schedule a 1:1 training. Email Vanessa.Romano@meltwater and copy Richard.Bond@meltwater.com and let them know you need new user training in Meltwater. 

How To Guides

Looking for how to complete some basic tasks? Check out our How-To page!

How To Create Daily Report

Help & Support Resources

Still Have Questions?

Check out our Meltwater FAQ doc filled with details to know and share!

Meltwater FAQs

Reporting Support: What BSO can do for you

Via Marketing Requests Portal, the Data Intelligence and Analytics team can: 

Pull media coverage (hits, competition, keyword, topics):

  • Submit a request informing us of recent or upcoming media coverage you want to monitor and pull from Meltwater. 
  • When you submit your request, include the timeframe for these requests (Meltwater includes a maximum of 12 months of historical data).
  • Media coverage may be tied to a known media outreach (i.e. press release), or it could relate to monitoring a series of keywords, topics, organizations, or a combination of these.

Create automatic alerts or reports:

  • Submit a request to set up either: Ongoing alerts or automatic reports.
  • Ongoing alerts will automatically inform users of new media coverage around a set of keywords or topics, when it happens. 
  • Automatic reports will periodically monitor media coverage around a set of keywords or topics and send an email detailing the media coverage pulled during that specific timeframe (i.e., weekly, monthly).  

Other media requests

  • If you have general inquiries or a request for collaborating on media analysis, the BSO Data Intelligence & Analytics team will be able to support them.

Meltwater User Guidelines

Some TNC Meltwater users will be logging into the system with a generic email address linked to their BU or region. We are referring to these users  as "Regional Account Users." Other users have accounts tied to their TNC email addresses and typically are heavier users of the platform, and so we refer to this group as "Power Users."

Regional Account Rules*

*This section applies only to regional account holders - not to power users. 

Accounts are monitored and access is granted by BSO team

Why? To ensure ease of use and avoid access issues with too many users. Additionally, to know how many people we are supporting for future contract conversations.

One person will be designated as ‘Admin’

  • The admin’s role is to:
    • Establish initial account and securely share details with members of that regional account
    • Upkeep account login as needed
    • Inform BSO team of any issues with account (that would affect all users)
  • The Admin’s role is not to:
    • Share user account with other staff as they like. People should submit a digital request if they need access
    • Be point person for individual user questions or other needs related to Meltwater system support


Organization Guidelines - For all users! 

Meltwater has multiple organization tools that will help ensure all users can find the data they need. This combined with our own guidelines should ensure ease of use among users.

1. Naming Conventions

By implementing naming conventions across all saved items, we can a) provide better sorting capabilities & b) empower users to keep up to date lists, dashboards, etc. through quarterly auditing. More details on naming conventions on this page!

2. Employing Filters, Labels and Tags

Meltwater provides the ability to create filters for use in keyword searches based on outlet types, regional locations, etc. Additionally, they allow for the creation of Labels to properly sort multiple saved searches. Lastly, we can employ tags to allocate articles to specific BUs or initiatives.

3. Meltwater Maintenance

On a quarterly or bi-annual basis, the BSO and/or Meltwater team will be in touch to facilitate audits of saved items to ensure unused lists, dashboards, etc. are not remaining saved in the system.


What else? 

  • In general, edit your own stuff only. Consider who owns which lists and content and ask before touching or changing it
  • Members of the BSO team will be monitoring lists, dashboards, searches and account logins to ensure that we don’t have idle accounts or content. Please do your due diligence in ensuring your saved items are reviewed quarterly.

Tags, Filters, Categories?

For clarification on how Meltwater uses various terms, check out our Meltwater Glossary!

Meltwater Glossary
Meltwater Screenshot of Labeled Searches
Meltwater Screenshot Use labels to aggregate your saved searches to your program, region, or area of work. © TNC

Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions 

Naming Conventions will be key to organizing data in Meltwater & ensuring all users can easily access needed information.

Guidelines to follow: 

For every created/saved item, always include a person’s name as well as location and/or other identifying information. 

Contacts List Convention: BU (state/region) - First Last - Addt. info

Example: Analytics - Karen Furr - Media Contacts

Dashboard Convention: BU - First Last - Additional info

Examples: Analytics – Karen Furr - Test Dashboard; Global Media – Karen Furr - Monitoring Dashboard

Report Convention: BU - First Last - Additional info

Examples: Analytics - Monthly Global Media Hits; Washington – Karen Furr – Weekly priority media hits

Outlet Filters (Meltwater is helping us set these up)

Convention: BU - Filter Type - Description

Example: Global - Outlet – Print

Labels (for saved searches) & Tags (for articles)  – These will be created centrally to avoid duplication (e.g. Kansas, KS, kansas).

We will ask users to provide a list of labels needed, while Tags will be created at regional/BU level

Saved Keyword Searches: BU – First last – additional info

Example: Global Media – Karen Furr – Land Use

Red circled saved search in a list on Meltwater.
Meltwater Screenshot
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Login to Meltwater

If you have a seat in Meltwater, you can use this link to login: Meltwater Media Relations Login. Meltwater seats are limited and the platform is not yet behind TNC single-sign-on ID.