Campaign Tag Generator


Enter the full URL you need to tag

You must use the fully resolved URL that appears in the browser address bar. Vanity URLs will not work. If you are unsure, enter your URL in your browser, load the page, and then copy/paste the resolved URL from the browser address bar into the field below, removing the "vu" parameter that may be present.

Looks like you’re tagging a link. If you need to tie specific constituents in BBCRM back to this marketing campaign, you’ll need another tracking parameter in addition to what you’ll generate here for Adobe Analytics. Most marketers find that the Adobe Analytics data is sufficient to their reporting needs, but if you would like the additional tracking parameter, please submit an Analytics request for this via the Marketing Requests Portal. and both tags will be created for you.
This is not a taggable domain. Valid domains include:,,,,,,,, and
Be sure to include https://.
It looks like you are trying to add tagging to a URL that already has tagging. Remove any "src=" and "en_txn1=" values from the URL and try again.


Choose values from drop-down lists


If the Team/Location you are looking for is not listed, please contact the Digital Analytics Team to have it added.


If you do not have an Objective or Campaign, use "_No Objective" or "_No Campaign" values from the drop-down lists.



Add optional variant values

If you have any additional values you want to include in your tag you can manually enter them in the fields below. If you don't have a campaign value, it is recommended to add a variant so that the tag will be unique to your specific use. This might be things like audience, segment, creative, version, topic, etc. Otherwise leave these fields blank.

Only alphanumeric characters and "_" are allowed.
Only alphanumeric characters and "_" are allowed.
Only alphanumeric characters and "_" are allowed.


The URL below is now ready to be used in your marketing materials. It can also be used in a URL shortener such as

How to find your campaign tag in Adobe

Step by step guide to locating your campaign tag in Adobe provided by the Digital Analytics team.