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How to Get Support for Khoros

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If you are struggling with a task in Khoros, the best place to look for support is in the Khoros help docs. If you cannot find your answer in the available resources, or you want more detailed and customized support, you can try a product coaching session. If you are seeing a system issue or have an editorial question, you can reach out to the Global Digital team via the Marketing Requests Portal.

Learn more about each option on this page! 
For more comprehensive training resources and initial setup training, check out the Getting Started With Khoros page on GD Central. 

Getting Help Inside the Platform

Khoros Resource Center

You can access Khoros help documentation from inside the Khoros platform. Once you are logged into Khoros Marketing, click on the circle icon on the far right side of the toolbar at the top of the page. It will likely have a number inside the circle to indicate the "new" items in the resource center. 

Here you will see a number of options: 

  • Search Help - explore Khoros help resources
  • What’s New - release notes and product updates
  • Best Practices - blogs with recommendations written by Khoros 
  • Produce Coaching - sign up for 1:1 coaching with Khoros
  • Contact Us - submit a support ticket or product idea

Search Help Documents 

If you click “Search Help” you will see a search bar where you can search through help articles. Below that, you will see recommended articles based on where you are in the platform. For example, if you are looking at your Marketing Analytics dashboards in Khoros and you open the search help option, you will see articles on the how Khoros pulls analytics, data exports, and a guide to analytics dashboards. 
What if you want help setting up a steam of Twitter comments in your inbox? If you search “twitter comments” you will see a list of articles, including “Create Twitter Search streams in the Inbox.” 

Click the title of the help article and you will see the contents right there in the pop-out window without having to navigate away from the current screen in Khoros. 

Product Coaching 

From the resource center pop-out window, clicking “Product Coaching” will bring you to an article where you can sign up for help from a Khoros tutor. This is a great option if you need a little extra 1:1 support setting up Inbox streams, configuring dashboards, or scheduling or publishing posts. Choose the category that fits your needs, (i.e. if you need dashboard help - choose Marketing Analytics Overview) and click Sign Up. This will bring you to a scheduling page where you can book a session. The session will be just you and a Khoros rep. Product coaching is included with our Khoros subscription, so it is free to all users. 

Using Khoros Atlas Community Site

If you want to take a look at all the Khoros support documentation, blogs, and resources you should log into Khoros Atlas. 

  1. Log in to Khoros at (or
  2. In a separate tab, go to
  3. Under "Sign In/Register" click the "Marketing Customers" button
  4. Create a username if you have not already, and agree to terms of service. 
Once you are logged into Khoros Community you can browse help docs, product blogs, member discussions, and more. 

Contact Global Digital or Khoros with Issues

If you are seeing a system issue with your instance - such as an unexplained error message when trying to post - you will want to first reach out to the Global Digital team through the Marketing Requests Portal. We can let you know if we are getting similar reports from others and we can take over the responsibility of reporting to Khoros.