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Iconic wildlife American Bison (Bison bison) grazing at the National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge in Montana. © Robert Granzow
Global Digital University

SEO 101: Search Engine Optimization Basics

What is SEO and how to do SEO research and structure your pages.

What is SEO?

Help people find your content in Google!

SEO Guidance for AEM

Get a crash course in SEO, the art and science of optimizing your web content so that it's visible in Google and other search engines and appealing to your audience so that they interact with it. In just an hour and seven minutes, learn how to leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to raise awareness of your work and grow engagement with your key audiences online. This training provides:

  • a basic understanding of how SEO can contribute to the success of web content and help you achieve your marketing goals
  • tips on doing your own SEO research to understand your audience and topic
  • an overview on structuring your pages, including images, for maximum search visibility
  • examples of previous SEO successes for inspiration

This topic and recording is intended for anyone creating content on or another TNC web domain. This GDU course was recorded in June 2023 and is a recommended pre-requisite for SEO 102.

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