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Managing Your Preserves in Google Business

A GDU Presentation.

a sideview of brown coneflowers with yellow edged burgundy petals blooming on a sage green background
Cross Ranch Preserve Long-headed and gray-headed coneflower bloom in the prairie. © Richard Hamilton Smith

People searched for our preserves in Google Maps or Google search 80 million times during 2022! How can you get a bigger piece of that pie? Watch the recorded GDU to learn how to leverage your preserve Google Business listings to increase the visibility of your important local conservation work and engage local nature lovers.

In the call, presenters shared tips and best practices on effectively and consistently managing listings, and they were joined by a colleague from a state that's seen success from Google Business. Check out this example New Jersey’s South Cape May Meadows here on Google Maps!

If you manage Google Business or Google Maps listings for TNC preserves or other places we protect — or if you would like to — please consider tuning into this GDU training. The training is led by Lindsay Mineo, Digital Content & SEO Manager, Lily Mullock, New Jersey Marketing Coordinator, Mace Hack, Leveraging Our Lands Director, and Khara McKeen, New Jersey Digital Marketing Manager. This session was recorded in September 2023.

View the Recording and Slide Deck with the links below. Recording is about an hour long.