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Colorful Stones © GLady from Pixabay

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Unearthing the Hidden Data Gems of Nature.org GDU

In the daily course of analyzing data on nature.org, there is so much that the Global Digital Analytics team discovers that does not fit into a report on a campaign or a dashboard. These are the hidden data gems of nature.org. In September 2020, the Analytics team joined forces with the Content team to bring you new insights and discuss what they might mean for your work.

Watch the recording and view the slidedeck to learn how the home page fits into our audience's journey on the site, what pages impact visitors who will go on to donate online, as well as many other insights from our ongoing content optimization activities. If you are involved in content or campaign strategy, or if you are just curious about how we are using all the new digital systems to generate data insights, we encourage you to check out this presentation!

Presentation Materials

  • Link to Zoom Recording w/ Transcript

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