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Writing Effectively for Online Audiences

How to write simply and clearly for our audiences and the ways in which they consume content

dusk on an open river bordered by snowy bank and evergreen trees
Norther Forests of the Great Lakes image The free-flowing St. John River in the North Woods is a river of many personalities: frozen and white in winter, serene and quiet in summer, swollen and rushing in spring. Photograph used for the “Design for Living World” exhibit book. © Ami Vitale

In this session, the Global Digital Content team discusses what they have found works effectively when engaging TNC's online audiences. They cover:

  • Understanding your topic to effectively communicate
  • Choosing the right style for your audience
  • How to simplify your writing to improve readability
  • What makes a good intro sentence
  • How to write clear page titles and subheads
  • When to use Oxford commas
  • How to answer questions with online writing
  • Real examples from
    • pages with good writing
    • good page titles
    • editing sentences for clarity

This session is designed for anyone who writes or produces TNC digital content. It was led by Adam Bloom, Senior Digital Content Writer and Lindsay Mineo, SEO Marketing Specialist and recorded on November 19th, 2020. 

Presentation Materials

GDU Writing Effectively for Online Audiences Adam Bloom and Lindsay Mineo share advise and strategies for writing online copy that piques interest and engages audiences.