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An image of an aracari (Pteroglossus) from Brazil. An image of an aracari (Pteroglossus) from Brazil. © Shutterstock/Cuson

Global Digital University (GDU) is run by the Global Digital team in an effort to share our expertise on digital design, content, analysis, and marketing technology with the TNC community.

We hold one-two courses each quarter on a topic relevant to Digital Marketing at TNC. The first official GDU course was held in May 2019 on the topic of User Experience and Design. All courses are recorded and posted here. 


Recorded GDU Courses (2022-2023)

Recordings and slides are posted for all Global Digital University Courses.

  • How (& Why) to Manage Your Preserves in Google Business

    Watch the recorded GDU to learn how to leverage your preserve Google Business listings to increase the visibility of your important local conservation work and engage local nature lovers. Visit Course Page

  • close up of a jumping spider on a blade of grass

    SEO 101

    Raise awareness of your work and grow engagement with your key audiences online. SEO 101 provides a basic understanding of how SEO can contribute to the success of web content and help you achieve your marketing goals. Visit Course Page

  •  Florida board of trustees, a group of well dressed mature adults, stand in front of the US capitol

    Email 103: Email Advocacy & Writing Best Practices

    The session covered the elements of a well written marketing email as well as how and when to use email as part of your advocacy campaign strategy. The presenters also covered the CEP submission process, and Evan Endres shared his real-life story! Visit Course Page

Recorded GDU Courses (2021)

Recordings and slides are posted for all Global Digital University Courses.

  • Saw-Whet owl on a branch in the snow

    Email 102: Audience Management and Deliverability

    Learn how we manage, segment, and prepare audiences for email sends. Visit Course Page

  • person on laptop in cafe

    Email 101: Value and Role of Email in TNC Marketing

    In May 2021, Grazi Dib and Jenny Elliott led a session on the foundations of email marketing at TNC. They covered the role of email in our marketing efforts and discussed how email capture is fundamental to a user journey. Course Page

  • Screenshot of slide deck cover Web Accessibility 102

    Web Accessibility 102: Creating Accessible Pages

    How to make pages, images, and videos more accessible for all visitors. Visit Course Page

  • Web Accessibility 102: Maps & Visual Assets

    How to use web accessibility principles to create and enhance maps and graphics. Visit Course Page

Recorded GDU Courses (2019-2020)

Recordings and slides are posted for all Global Digital University Courses.

  • aerial view of a river on wolf island

    Writing Effectively for Online Audiences

    Lindsay and Adam share strategies for enticing and engaging online readers based on the ways in which our audiences consume content. Session designed for all writers and producers of digital content. Visit Course Page

  • Green Basilisk Lizard climbs a tree

    Hidden Data Gems of

    Discover the data gems that do not fit into a report on a campaign or a dashboard. If you are involved in content or campaign strategy, or if you are just curious how we are using digital systems to generate data insights, check out the course page! Data Gems Course Page

  • graphic of accessible charts using multiple visual cues

    Web Accessibility

    View the course recording to learn: What web accessibility means and why it's important; What we are doing to ensure is accessible to all audiences; What it means for Marketers; How to ensure you’re creating accessible content Course Page

  • panther walking toward camera trap

    Building an Engaging Article

    Learn from TNC experts on editorial style, digital production, content strategy, and search engine optimization as they discuss data-confirmed tips and tricks for building great articles. Originally presented on May 20, 2020. Course Page

  • aerial view of shark in blue ocean near shore

    Best Practices for Campaign Tracking

    Make sure your Marketing efforts (literally) count. Learn how to decode campaign tags, why they matter, and a new tool to make using them easier than ever before. Course Page

  • Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

    Executive Social Visibility

    Learn how to support and coach senior leaders to use their social media accounts to amplify the work of TNC. Led by Matt Whatley, Director of Digital Channel Strategy, and Maddy Van Tassel, Associate Course Page

  • Digital Production Manager, Global Digital Team

    Marketing with Text Messaging

    On November 20th Digital Production Manager Lane Horter held a GDU session on the TNC Text Messaging Program. Lane discussed the changes in TNC’s test-to-donate platform, as well as how text message m View Recording and Deck

  • New Hampshire's Future of Nature Campaign will raise and invest $40 million to put New Hampshire on the sustainable path.

    Show Me the Data! Presenting Data to Show Success

    Jenny Elliott and Brie Holt from the Global Digital Analytics team held a learning session for all users of digital marketing data on selecting metrics and displaying those metrics effectively. Recording and Deck

  • UX & Design 101

    Laura Chang and Sarah Peng give an introduction into User Experience, the design process and its application at TNC. Presented in May 2019. UX & Design 101 Resources

  • Google logo.

    SEO 101

    Lindsay Mineo presents and introduction to Search Engine Optimization at TNC. SEO 101 Resources

  • Bonsai tree.

    SEO 102

    SEO specialist Lindsay Mineo builds on SEO 101 with detailed information on how Google ranks a page and how page authors can optimize their content with next-level tips. View the Recording