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How to Upload Images

Cotopaxi volcano spews a long column of steam from a distance over a snowy landscape
Cotopaxi Volcano from the Antisana glaciers After several hours of ascending and navigating the vast crevasses of the Antisana volcano's glacier, as the first rays of sunlight began to shine, I spotted the illuminated Cotopaxi in the distance with a massive column of steam rising from it. I carefully positioned myself between crevasses, pulled out my camera, and took the shot with a slow shutter speed, trying my best © Roberto Valdez/TNC Photo Contest 2023

As of November 2023, all asset uploads and metadata editing takes place in the Content Workspace (Aprimo's "New UI"). The upload process has been simplified greatly and is the same process for uploading a single asset or uploading 100 assets. Assets also upload much more quickly in the new process!

After assets have uploaded, you can find them in your “Drafts” section. For larger files, such as videos, processing may take longer and it is recommended that you wait for a thumbnail to generate for the asset before you attempt to edit the record and add metadata. In this new process, you can batch edit your assets without overwriting metadata and easily collaborate with teammates on Draft assets.

The following video covers how to upload assets, edit individual asset metadata, bulk edit metadata, as well as a few other features in the Aprimo Content Workspace (e.g. Pre-cropped images). The video is about 27 min long and includes chapter markers for easy navigation to individual lessons. Below the video you can find written instructions for the new upload and metadata editing proceses. 

Aprimo New Upload Process Learn about the new process for uploading images to the Aprimo DAM, including specific tutorials on uploading and editing a single image, as well as updating metadata on several newly uploaded images at once and collaborating on drafts. Use chapters built into video for easy navigation.