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Aprimo Content Workspace Tutorial Videos

Learn all you need to know about the Content Workspace with four videos!

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For a full orientation to the New UI, watch the complete tutorial videos in the media gallery below in this order: 

  1. Intro to the Aprimo New UI
  2. The Basket
  3. Collections
  4. Dynamic Collections
For refreshers and as-needed training, each of the full length videos has been broken out by the specific task covered: 
  • Basket Clips: 
    • Part 1: Adding Assets to the Basket
    • Part 2: Downloading Assets in the Basket
    • Part 3: Creating Collections from the Basket
  • Collections Clips: 
    • Part 1: Creating a collection 
    • Part 2: Creating a blank collection and recap
    • Part 3: Sharing collections
  • Dynamic Collections Clips: 
    • Part 1: Build a Dynamic Collection with Advanced Search
    • Part 2: Sharing Dynamic Collections (same instructions as for collections)
    • Part 3: Build a Dynamic Collection with Simple Search Expression
You can also find written guides and resources at the following links: 
DAM UI Navigation - Interactive Map to the Aprimo DAM User Interface
Power Workspace Only Tasks - things you can only do in the power workspace
How to use the Basket - written instructions for tasks covered in the Basket tutorial video
For more info on the Aprimo Digital Asset Manager, including training links, explore the Aprimo DAM info page. 

How to Use The Basket Video Clips

How to Add Assets to the Basket (Basket Part 1) Adding assets to the basket - one at a time, in bulk, and from an asset detail page (4min 22sec).
Downloading Assets from the Basket (Basket Part 2) Learn how to download assets that have been added to your basket (it's super simple - click the basket, click "download all as," then set the format and click download) (2min 11sec).
Create Collection from Basket (Basket Part 3) Create a collection from assets in the Basket. Click the basket, click the stacked dots, click "create collection" (2min 3sec).

How to Use the Basket Written Guide

Written instructions for common tasks using the basket in the New UI

Basket How-To Guide

Collections in the Content Workspace Clips

Creating a Collection from Search Results How to create a collection in the Content Workspace from search results (excerpt from full video on collections).
Creating a Blank Collection and Recap How to create an empty collection from the collections page and a recap on where to find and create collections (excerpt from Collections video)
Sharing Collections How to share a collection with an individual or with a link and how to manage permissions (excerpt from collections video)

Dynamic Collections in the Content Workspace Clips

Building dynamic collection from advanced search Learn how to create a search query to build a dynamic collection that will aggregate all DAM assets that meet criteria you set (excerpt from Dynamic Collections tutorial video)
How to Share Dynamic Collections Learn how to share and manage permissions to a dynamic collection - same instructions as for a collection! (Excerpt from full dynamic collections video).
Dynamic Collection from Simple Search Expression How to use a simple search expression to build a dynamic collection (excerpt from full Dynamic Collections video)

Visit the Aprimo DAM info page for more!

Training info, contributor resources, and more.

Aprimo DAM Info Page