Aprimo DAM

How to Append Metadata Labels, Tags, and Keywords

anemonefish peeking out of red anemone
Gimme Shelter An anemonefish shelters in the tentacles of a closed up reef anemone. © Michael Gallagher/TNC Photo Contest 2019

Step 1: Select all the images you need to edit

Select all the images that need a keyword or tag appended. 

Step 2: Create Job

In the bottom grey bar, select Create Job. 


Step 3: Add a field action

Under the Add Actions heading, click on "add an action" and select "Add a field action" from the dropdown menu. 

Step 4: Add the field 

In the field, start typing the name of the field you are appending to. For example, if you are adding a keyword to all records, start typing "Key" and select the Keywords field. Then click Next. 

Step 5: Select Append to field value

Select the radio button next to "Append to field value" and then click "Finish." 

Step 6: Add the Tag to append

The Execute line should now read "append the values (no tags selected) to the English (US English)* value of the field Keywords (Keywords). *Your account language will show here. 

Click "no tags selected" to open a pop-up window. Enter the tag or label you want to append. Then click OK. 

Tip: If you are entering a keyword and you are prompted with options. If possible, choose one of the options to avoid creating duplicate or equivalent keywords. 


Optional Step 7: To apped more than one tag or label, repeat steps 3-6. 

To add another keyword or to add a taxonomy tag, click "add an action" and follow the same steps: "Add an action" > "Add a field action" > enter the field and select > choose append to field value > select keyword or classification 


Step 8: Click Create 

After you create the job you will be returned to the image selection window and you should see a banner at the top of the window with the text "Your job has been successfully scheduled."

Tip: Create and complete your job somewhat quickly. If you start creating a job, then leave the window open and go to lunch, then come back late and click "create" the job may have timed out and result in an error.