19 December 2019 AEM Update Email

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Hello AEM Authors!

This is the second issue of the biweekly AEM updates email series. The Global Digital team has created this email series in collaboration with your N.A publisher team with the goal of emailing all AEM authors twice a month with editorial & SEO tips and timely updates. As a reminder, we encourage you to continue to tune into author calls, check Workplace, and attend digital all calls to learn more about significant system and process changes. These emails will be much more brief and practical in nature, and will also allow us to provide updates in-between those regularly scheduled touchpoints.

In this edition:

  • SEO Tip of the Week: Rich Answers on Google
  • AEM Tips: Linking on AEM with Relative URLs and Hyperlinks

SEO Tip of the Week: Rich Answers on Google.

DYK: People look at rich answers (the answer boxes, featured snippets, tweets, images, basically anything that's not a regular link in Google) 74% of the time! Fewer people are clicking on the first result now (only 28% of people) than in 2006 (51%). This means your article doesn't have to be in the #1 spot to do well in Google search. In fact, it can be very beneficial to get one of those rich answer spots! (Source)

AEM Authoring Tips: Linking on AEM. 

The general rule for TNC properties is that internal links should open in the same browser tab and external links (links to non-TNC properties) should open in a new browser tab. When you hyperlink text in a rich text field, you can choose where it opens. For more detail, check out this page on the Global Digital Knowledge Center. While you are there – check out the tab on using relative URLs! Relative URLs should always be used when linking to a page on AEM from a page on AEM, whether you are linking in text, a component, or page properties.


If you have any questions, you can reach out to Thanks!