AEM Update Email: March 2022

Monthly email series with tips and best practices for AEM Authors

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Hello AEM Authors,

This email includes one new tool resource for inclusion in your materials - the Wildland Firefighter Online Training guide - plus a recap of recent items to help you keep it all straight! Here are the updates: 

  • Wildland Firefighter Online Training Guide 
  • Reminder about Marketing Portal Requests 
  • KLASS by Khoros recordings
  • Email Advocacy GDU (Email 103) Recording and Resources
  • Author call recording 

Wildland Firefighter Online Training Guide : New Resource for U.S. Audiences

We developed an externally facing guide to the online training courses required to become a qualified wildland firefighter. This is specifically for staff, partners, and volunteers interested in participating in our U.S. prescribed fire work. The guide gives a brief overview to our work, goals, and the required training, including links to courses. We encourage you to add this resource to your fire pages, especially any pages that encourage a diversity of participants in fire work! And feel free to share this guide with your fire partners and networks in the U.S.

Submit Marketing Requests Ahead of Time!

Reminder - when you submit a ticket to the Marketing Requests Portal please give us ample time to respond (when possible - we know sometimes it’s out of your hands). We have a few new team members, and recent departures. This has caused some shifting in ticket responsibilities and created training opportunities - both of which can extend the response time on any given ticket. Please also note that there is a good deal of automation built into the portal, so if you see your ticket assigned to a staff member, that doesn't necessarily mean that anyone has yet reviewed your ticket.

As always, we do our best to triage requests and respond to the most consequential matters first, and then respond to other tickets as quickly as we are able, but it's often not possible to review requests the day they are submitted. Our best advice is to submit your request as soon as possible to get it into the queue. Thank you for your understanding! 

KLASS by Khoros

In late February and Early March, TNC offered Khoros trainings led by a Khoros trainer. The training series (dubbed the "Khoros Learning and Success Series") covered all areas of the social media platform, including publishing, inbox, analytics, and intelligence. The reviews from attendees were overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled to hear that folks learned from these sessions! If you were not able to attend, recordings of all the unique classes are posted on GD Central

GDU Email 103: Email Advocacy & Writing Best Practices 

Last week Global Digital hosted a GDU led by our colleagues Stacie Mruk, Director of Membership Communications, and Heather Layman, Director of Policy Communications. Stacie and Heather shared their advice and tips for how to successfully use advocacy email as part of your BU's advocacy strategy. They were also joined by Evan Endres, Pennsylvania Director of Government Relations and Policy, who shared his experience using advocacy email as part of a Pennsylvania clean energy campaign strategy. Check out the recording and deck on the course page! Also on the page you will find links to the new Advocacy Email Guide and the updated Action Center Requests Job Aid. 

AEM Author's Call Recording 

If you weren't able to attend, I highly recommend that you check out the recording of the AEM authors call held Thursday, March 10th. The call covered a lot - including an introduction to the new Digital Production Manager - Courtney Baxter, an overview of the current Global Digital Content Team, a look at evergreen articles, a look at what came out (including a new component!) in the latest AEM release, and new UX updates. The recording and presentation deck are available for download here. You can also watch with Zoom's web app (Passcode: ^A6i3qsP).


Happy Thursday!